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Tree pits can become a dangerous tripping hazard for pedestrians and eventually fill up with litter and debris. Let us help you create a beautiful and safe area around your trees. We guarantee our work to ensure your trees get the nutrients they need.

The health of your trees

Solid surfaces, such as concrete or pavers are not porous and can create an unneeded cover over the tree pit, stopping water and air getting to the soil. Our tree pits are porous and will not hurt the overall health of your trees.


We offer a wide-range of colors to enhance the look of your trees wherever they are.

Upgrade your landscape today

- Bonded rubber

- Blocks all weed growth

- Reduces the risk of accidents

- Healthier for your trees

- Beautiful colors

- And more!

Remove a potential hazard that could cause someone to roll an ankle or fall down by giving us a call today!

Call Premier Rubber Surfacing and let us solve all of your surfacing needs today.

We service the

Tri-State Area


Rubber tree pits

- Easily molded around trees and barriers providing clean look.

- Maintains "natural" appearance

- Eliminates trip hazard

- Keeps area debris-free

- Porous for easy drainage and maintenance free

- Bound 100% recycled rubber buffings