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Controlling vehicle speed with our speed bumps is the most effective method of improving the safety of your parking lot, driveway or private lane. With the correct parking lot traffic control, a parking lot can be safe and organized.

Residential and commercial speed bumps

Our highly reflective tape ensures that your speed bumps are visible even on a dark night. Our reflectors help enhance visibility to alert drivers well in advance.


Our speed bumps are your ideal maintenance-free parking lot solution. In addition to enhancing parking lot safety, the bumps can lower insurance premiums for you immediately.

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Don't let people speed in places of high traffic or where lots of children play. We can help keep you safe.

We service the

Tri-State Area


- Speed bumps, car stops, corner guards and bollard covers

- Made from 100% recycled rubber

- Conforms to any surface

- Easily removable, relocatable and storable

- More durable and lasts longer than concrete or asphalt

- Saves labor costs and no maintenance costs

- Ideal for campus parking lots and gated communities

- Safety guaranteed

- Lower your insurance premiums

Traffic and parking safety solutions

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